• Maritime Imports

    Maritime Imports

    Maritime ImportsThrough our agents network worldwide we offer load services for FCL containers import and loose cargo (LCL). We have agreements with leading shipping companies globally which allows us to be more flexible when making a decision about the maritime transport supplier.
  • Air cargo

    Air cargo

    Air cargo We offer services from and towards any part of the world, with agile service in airport formalities and wide experience in handling logistics at the Bogota City airport. We count on a staff specialized on the document and physical procedures to comply with legal requirements and excellent assistance.
  • Customs Transit Declaration

    Customs Transit Declaration

    Customs Transit DeclarationService provided to companies with UAP (Permanent Users Customs) qualification and companies bringing their goods to the different Free Trade Zones. It is a complete operation offered, from port of entry to an interior city in the country or port of departure, completing the operation.
  •  Customs warehousing and the free trade zone

    Customs warehousing and the free trade zone

    Customs warehousing and the free trade zoneIn order to facilitate the different possibilities that the Colombian laws determined, we have strategic alliances with warehouse stores in the Free Trade Zone of Bogota, which allow users to store their goods for months and even years with no payment of custom duties, partial nationalizations, goods transformation processes, maquila, Vallejo plan and in general, taking advantage of the special set of rules for the Free Trade Zones.
  • Cargo Insurance

    Cargo Insurance

    Cargo InsuranceOur cargo insurance policy provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage to the freight from any external cause during shipping, whether by land, sea or air. Our cargo insurance policy protects against loss from the time cargo leaves the point of origin until the time it reaches final destination. And you are given peace of mind, knowing that your goods are protected at all times.
  • MTO Multimodal Transit Operation

    MTO Multimodal Transit Operation

    MTO Multimodal Transit OperationIt is the modality that allows customs transit operations to be performed. This method comprises the transferring of goods from foreign origin with taxes suspension based on a DTM (single transportation document). The above requires the Operator to be registered in the operators’ registry from the Ministry of Transportation OTM. The multimodal transit operation permits your load to arrive to destiny based on your needs.
  • Customs Intermediation

    Customs Intermediation

    Customs Intermediation Our company has strategic partnership alliances along with which we have developed high quality processes and standards in order to perform imports and exports customs operations. We remain committed to offering this service at any Colombian port, main cities of the country and borders
  • International Procurement

    International Procurement

    International Procurement We operate in conjunction with a group of companies in the Chinese market that search for the product that you require. Once the supplier has been selected, it is exposed to a comprehensive and professional verification with the purpose to avoid loss of money previously deposited. Afterwards, we perform manufacturing inspections and final inspections to the goods procured, providing a detailed report of the merchandize before submitting final payment to the supplier. This way we abstain from importing products which are not going to comply with the design and quality expectations. Customers who have being benefited from this service have saved massive amounts of money represented in trips, traveling and the most important time, since just in couple of hours we can have staff ready to physically commute to the supplier’s manufacturing facilities in order to accomplish the efficient and specialized service of evaluating the merchandize to be imported.

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